Halfway There

He accepted the $1 donation and told me I should give up this search for the perfect job; corporate enslavement does not become me.

My street friend believes in my gift-of-gab and estimates an annual salary of $60k.

He offered to train me, with the prerequisite that I attend a self-defense class.

I laughed, told him I’d think about it, parted ways and woke up a few hours later dehydrated from sun; I’d fallen asleep in the park.

Perhaps I’m halfway there.

sleeping on a public park bench

When I was in Ireland, my cousins took me to Blarney but they physically blocked me from the stone. They said it was readily clear to all, the last thing I needed was the gift of gab. laugh

Btw, thoroughly enjoyed your post on the Dresden Xmas markets and Turkish cuisine – LOVE traveling the world with you guys.

Usually just take a sandwich and a notebook, write until the sun makes me sleepy and nod off for a few. 🙂

Fresh air! Making people feel good about themselves for a few buck. Sounds like Dr. Phil without the hypocrisy and studio lights! Something to think about. I love it. Great piece.

‘Gus’ is the only homeless guy I know who will ask about your troubles, offer you a smoke and thank you for any amount you had to offer.

You have to gauge your venues – Bozeman and Seattle are great places for daytime naps in a park. Texas, not so much… fire ants and beefy buzzing/stinging things outnumber humans. 😀

Monotony can be found in many “jobs” – think the rejection would get to me quickly.

Gus is a character, he goes by many names and has many stories to tell of his life – gotta take it all with a grain of salt as his name and story change each time you encounter him.

I don’t mean to be Pete and Re-Peat but Memographer mirrored my exact same thought, Maria! I love your Wordless Wednesdays but your personal stories are the ones that have me inch up to the edge of my seat with anticipation the second I click on them and open to read.

I may have missed one in months past but this is the first time I recall actually seeing a picture of YOU (your avatar aside)! You are captivating always, our friend.

Been there, tried that (fallen asleep in the park).

Every time I read your posts I expect a “turn-around”… You got me this time, Maria

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