Wordless Wednesday – Gourmet Persuasian

Sharon Chen and Gourmet Persuasian offer the Perfect Pico de Gallo

Sharon Chen @ Gourmet Persuasian

If I could choose only one thing to have for a salad dressing, it would be fresh lime juice…

I’m with you on lime juice. I love it on just about everything.

Here in Texas they claim it helps to repel flies – I haven’t tested that hypothesis but I’ll let you know if I do.

Making me hungry Maria. Love how all the limes are scattered around.

Sharon has some of the most beautiful food shots ever and if you visit her site, you get the recipes too.

This is what Agness loves the most – green salads – so healthy and nutritious!

In Texas and other parts of the SW Pico isn’t a salad, it’s used as a garnish and as a dip – visit Sharon’s site and you’ll find great recipe and serving ideas for all your foodie moods.

I admire this composition for color and texture and I believe it’s cilantro you’re looking at there. Check out Sharon’s site for all kinds of amazing food, recipes and photos.

All those colours. I pretty much just want to bathe in that.

This photo is so rich in color, texture and composition… I’m thinking Sharon should consider creating cards and framed prints from her post images.

Here in Texas we use limes with everything from beer to cocktails to entree garnishes. Fruit of the gods!

Sharon is an amazing cook and her photography is so good, I always end up in the kitchen after reading her posts.

I am actually obsessed with fresh salsas, especially after learning the authentic way of making them in Mexico. Pico is just another everyday dish there. I love it too! Hope you enjoy.

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