Just 5 Little Words

In Observance of Valentine’s Day I offer the following:

Leave me wanting more

Why bother playing it safe

Just 5 little words

Modern Valentine 2014 - MariaFalvey.net

“Every day is Valentine’s day!”

Must always want more. Can’t always play it safely. That’s Impossible! 🙂

That’s brilliant! Honestly missed that one – thank you very much. I know that I would get attached quickly and easily if I visited Gran Canaria.

Exciting stuff always. 5 little words “Can i be your Valentine?”. Hope you had a fabulous one.

You have to be good to and love yourself as well as others. I featured Phoenix on Wordless Wednesday during Valentine’s week and this haiku to remind people there are a lot of different kinds of love (love for pets, friends, etc…) 😀

The mood (serious, playful, lustful) will definitely influence the words chosen.

So many words, in so many languages, with so many choices of medium with which to express oneself. grin What would your 5 be?

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