Haiku – Gone Fishing

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No sound but the wind

Water and ice hide the bounty

Left on shore to wait

Can’t help identifying with the boat. So left and lonely.

Ready for action and adventure, to said the sea and carry the brave hunters. Don’t be sad, come summer in the Arctic – the snow is melting and everyday reveals a new gem to me.

The Arctic is truly an amazing environment – seemingly empty but teeming with life, you just have to look a little more carefully to see it.

You know, they still create these boats by hand and use them to hunt whale from the edges of the ice.
Amazes me that 4-6 men can catch a whale for their village in such a vessel.

Alaska has it all – beaches, mountains, rainforest, desert, trees, tundra and some of the most welcoming people I’ve met anywhere. Come north to the future, hit the top of the world and experience the land of the midnight sun.

I was watching a show about Arctic living this weekend and totally thought about you! How many layers do you need to wear on a typical day, or are there brands of REALLY awesome cold weather clothing you guys rock?

Today was 28 degrees (F) and I wore a sleeveless tank, and a merino long sleeved cardigan over Smartwool leggings with ONE pair of socks, and Ugg knock-offs.

Outside, I did add a fleece scarf and my Hally Henson parka. The wind was down so I skipped the hat. However, weather.com promises temps will rise to 40 (F) this week… Heat Wave!!!

I find Haiku perfect for the Arctic. I have a coworker who will tell you that desolation is a condition of the soul. The landscape is never desolate; we can’t see what’s below the ice and snow so we project an emotional condition onto what we do see. She may be right.

As the snow slowly melts and the ice recedes, objects lost last fall (I’ve started a quirky collection thereof), plants, and animals (sea gulls, swans, ravens, fox, lemmings, shrews and more) appearing -if only momentarily- everywhere.

Arctic Alaska is like no where else on earth. At times it gives the 3rd world a run for the money and at other moments the stunning beauty stops me in my tracks and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

The “soil” is like the best pea-gravel you’ll come across (set atop Perma-frost – Google will give great intel on that term). You quickly learn the darker the soil, the more chances of getting your vehicle stuck.

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