Hi!  I’m Maria, and I’m often in an Accelerated Stall.

An Accelerated Stall surprises most pilots because it occurs at high speed, as when banking hard or pulling up from a dive.  I find life is often like that; take a turn too quickly, too sharply, hear a sputter and stall.  Not to worry, I generally recover relatively unscathed and land gently.

This is neither your usual travel blog, nor standard short story anthology- not by any means.  Taking on a unique and quirky view, I encapsulate events and observances from my experiences (abroad and in the ‘backyard’) into literary snapshots.  Don’t blink, you might miss it!

When I’m not traveling or writing for this site, I proofread, edit and create content and guest posts for others such as:

  • Over Yonderlust
  • Chicky Bus
  • Nomadic Samuel
  • Stay Adventurous
  • A Cook Not Mad
  • RTW Expenses
  • Pelican Cards

If you know the value of great writing and your next project could use a helping-hand, or you want ongoing assistance, complete my contact form, maybe we can work together.

I only have room for five projects each month to ensure I do my best work for each and every client, so contact me today and let’s start a conversation.