Halfway There

He accepted the $1 donation and told me I should give up this search for the perfect job; corporate enslavement does not become me.

My street friend believes in my gift-of-gab and estimates an annual salary of $60k.

He offered to train me, with the prerequisite that I attend a self-defense class.

I laughed, told him I’d think about it, parted ways and woke up a few hours later dehydrated from sun; I’d fallen asleep in the park.

Perhaps I’m halfway there.

sleeping on a public park bench

When I was in Ireland, my cousins took me to Blarney but they physically blocked me from the stone. They said it was readily clear to all, the last thing I needed was the gift of gab. laugh

Btw, thoroughly enjoyed your post on the Dresden Xmas markets and Turkish cuisine – LOVE traveling the world with you guys.

Usually just take a sandwich and a notebook, write until the sun makes me sleepy and nod off for a few. 🙂

Fresh air! Making people feel good about themselves for a few buck. Sounds like Dr. Phil without the hypocrisy and studio lights! Something to think about. I love it. Great piece.

‘Gus’ is the only homeless guy I know who will ask about your troubles, offer you a smoke and thank you for any amount you had to offer.

You have to gauge your venues – Bozeman and Seattle are great places for daytime naps in a park. Texas, not so much… fire ants and beefy buzzing/stinging things outnumber humans. 😀

Monotony can be found in many “jobs” – think the rejection would get to me quickly.

Gus is a character, he goes by many names and has many stories to tell of his life – gotta take it all with a grain of salt as his name and story change each time you encounter him.

I don’t mean to be Pete and Re-Peat but Memographer mirrored my exact same thought, Maria! I love your Wordless Wednesdays but your personal stories are the ones that have me inch up to the edge of my seat with anticipation the second I click on them and open to read.

I may have missed one in months past but this is the first time I recall actually seeing a picture of YOU (your avatar aside)! You are captivating always, our friend.

Been there, tried that (fallen asleep in the park).

Every time I read your posts I expect a “turn-around”… You got me this time, Maria

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How to Setup OVH Email for Outlook 2010

This guide is intended to help you set up and configure an email account with Outlook 2010. All you have to do is follow the steps step by step.

In our example, we configure the e-mail account in POP (with and without SSL). However, it is quite possible to configure email settings differently by using the parameters indicated in this guide.



    To add an e-mail account in Outlook 2010, go to the “Account settings…” interface, as shown in the screenshot opposite.
    Then click on New….

You now have the choice between manual or automatic configuration for any email. All these configurations can be used only with email clients.


Select the manual option to configure the mail server settings manually and additional server types. Then click the Next button.

Check Internet Mail then click Next >.


On this page you must enter the following information:

  1. Name: enter here the name you wish to appear with your correspondents;
  2. Email address: your full email address;
  3. Type of account: POP3 (for IMAP see Reminder of POP – IMAP parameters);
  4. Incoming mail server: SSL0.OVH.NET
  5. Outgoing mail server (SMTP): SSL0.OVH.NET
  6. Username: your full email address;
  7. Password: use the password corresponding to this e-mail account.


  1. Click on Additional Settings….

You can enter the reference of the account you want. By default, this is the email address. Here, we have replaced it with OVH Support.
This reference will be displayed in the management of e-mail accounts in Outlook.

  1. Then click on the Outgoing Server tab.


In the Outgoing server tab, check the box “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” then check to Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.

You must use port 587 in SMTP and check the authentication box for the connection of the outgoing server.

This is the authenticated outgoing port for all ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

Authentication for the outgoing server is an essential setting so that the e-mail transmission can work on our SMTP servers.

If authentication is not enabled, an Open SMTP incident ticket can be opened informing you that “POP before SMTP” authentication is not supported. You must activate the authentication of the outgoing server in order to be able to send emails.
In the Advanced options tab, complete these parameters:

Incoming server (POP3): must be 110.

This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) must be unchecked.

Outgoing server (SMTP): must be 587.

Use the following type of encrypted connection must be set to None

Click OK to continue.

At this level, you can also define whether the emails should be deleted from the mail server, as well as the delay before deletion. Similar to OVH, Also check Grapevine email settings for outlook, android, and iPhone.


At this stage, you can test your settings by clicking on “Test account settings…”.


  1. Once you have made sure that the setting is correct, click Next >.
  2. A new test of the account settings will be performed before the final step. Then simply click on Close.

You have successfully configured your account on Outlook 2010.
Click Finish.


  1. Entering information

Information to configure an email account

  1. Name: Enter here the name you wish to appear with your correspondents;
  2. Email address: your entire email address;
  3. Password: your password associated with the e-mail account concerned and confirm it on the line below.

Then click on Next >.


The Outlook application then searches for the items in your domain that it needs in order to complete the automatic configuration.
If all goes well, the message opposite should appear.

Do you plan to add several e-mail addresses linked to the concerned domain? Then check Don’t ask me again about this website.
This will prevent you from checking this box each time you add an e-mail account.

Then click on Authorize.

If you do not have the message opposite, remember to check that your password is correct using Webmail (Why is it beneficial to use desktop client over webmail).
If your password is indeed correct, check that your DNS zone has the following 3 lines:

_submission._tcp.your SRV domain 0 0 465 SSL0.OVH.NET
_imaps._tcp.your SRV domain 0 0 993 SSL0.OVH.NET
_autodiscover._tcp.your SRV domain 0 0 443 mailconfig.ovh.net.

To do this, connect to your Customer Area, select your domain in the left column then click on the DNS Zone tab to the right of Summary. Make sure you are in Expert Mode (top right).


The Outlook application completed the setup successfully.
Click on Finish.

We hope this article would be helpful to setup ovh email on outlook. If you have any help regarding email setup, we found that emailsettings.net provides enough article on how to setup emails with iphone, android and outlook.

Best Vintage Analogue travel alarm clock in leather case

Best Analogue travel alarm clock 2021

On this page you will find the best Consumer products from the category Analog Alarm Clock – presented in a detailed comparison. Test results are based on comprehensive field testing of the products under laboratory conditions. Unless the consumer organization conducted a test on Analog Alarm Clock, we obtained information from reliable comparable

In addition to the ranking, on this page you will also find a small buying guide and an interesting video about Analog Alarm Clock. In addition, we have reviews (from Consumers or consumer associations) and links with low-cost offers for you. If you’re stuck in a honeymoon hangover and need a rescue then these are the best travel alarm clocks – Analogue. If you aren’t planning for romantic getaway yet then check kodaikanal honeymoon package and book a trip today!

The best everThe best value for money
ProductAlarm Clock, Aodoor Metal Alarm Clock High Volume Alarm Signal, Quartz Mechanism, 4 Inch Big Dial, Silent Operation …Casio TQ-140-1BEF Wake Up Timer – Digital Alarm ClockNavaris analogue wooden bedside alarm clock – round table clock with snooze – silent retro vintage style wooden alarm …Casio Alarm Clock TQ-141-2EFBraun BNC001BK Classic alarm clock with increasing volume tone – BlackVintage Style Analog Quartz Double Bell Bedside Alarm Clock 3 Inch Big Dial Alarm Clock Function with Sound Alarm …Casio Collection TQ-143S-4EF Digital Alarm Clock
Final vote1st place10GREAT2nd place9.5DISTINGUISHED3rd place9.1DISTINGUISHED4th place8.7GOOD5th place8.5GOOD6th place8.2GOOD7th place7.9DISCREET
InformationDimensions: 122 x 88 x 52mm; Materials: glass surface, metal case.Easy to read, large Arabic numerals. 1 AA battery required (not included).No ticking, to ensure a good sleep and better working environment.Nightlight function is perfect at night. By simply pressing the key.Audible alarm: Super loud sound alarm for heavy. Extremely easy to use with only two buttons for time setting and alarm time.Fluorescent coating for the hands and / or digitsDaily alarmBattery endurance for about a yearResin caseSize: 57mm x 57mm x 33mmA luminous coating provides long-term illumination in the dark only after a short exposure to light.BACK TO THE ORIGINS: the style of the Navaris round wooden alarm clock has no time. The minimal and trendy vintage design looks great on any table.FUNCTIONAL: seconds, minutes, hours – in addition to the hands and numbers, the battery-operated alarm clock has a silver button for the night light and an alarm with snooze function. In addition, the alarm sound is very pleasant.EVERY WATCH A UNIQUE PIECE: due to the natural grain of the wood, each alarm clock is different from the other, and can show variations in color.SILENT CLASSIC: the round wooden desk alarm clock does not produce any annoying ticking, and thanks to the small and compact body it is also ideal for traveling.ALL OVER THE HOUSE: not only on the bedside table, but also on the shelf in the bathroom, on the shelves in the kitchen and living room, on any type of tables or desks. Also perfect for the office.With battery powerThe clock display is analogCase material in resinAlarm clock with four handsSilent movement of the handsHigh precisionRising alarm volumeRequires 1 AA battery (included)Classic design, 80s retro style vintage alarm clock.Wake up with strong signal, never postpone your time. Its loud alarm can actually wake up deeply asleep people, ideal for heavy sleepers.Transparent dial with large numbers: the bold numbers are legible and can be read through the clear and transparent display; easy to set up and therefore perfect for children and the elderly.High quality quartz movement, silent, no ticking, to ensure an undisturbed sleep.Night Light: Helps to read the time in the dark. Just press the button to activate the night light.Quadrant lightingFluorescent coating for the hands and / or digitsDaily alarm and snooze functionCase of resinBattery endurance for about a year
Best price* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon* See Offer on amazon.it

The best product ( test winner ) for Consumption in the category Analog Alarm Clock is the product ” Alarm clock, Aodoor metal alarm clock loud alarm, quartz mechanism, 4 inch Big Dial, silent operation … ” from the manufacturer AODOOR. You can buy the model from Amazon at a low price . Our recommendation: make a quick price comparison before ordering online. Additionally, you should also carefully review product reviews and ratings.

Also read: alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

Ranking: Analogue travel alarm clock

Below you will find the 2020 Ranking in the Analog Alarm Clock category. This includes the Consumption test winners , which were determined through extensive surveys. We have shown the 7 best products to you for a simple and direct comparison for you in the table above. If you are looking for detailed test reviews or testimonials on Analog Alarm Clock, we must refer to industry magazines.The best ever# 1

Alarm Clock, Aodoor Metal Alarm Clock High Volume Alarm Signal, Quartz Mechanism, 4 Inch Large Dial, Quiet Operation and Vintage Style (Black)
  • Dimensions: 122 x 88 x 52mm; Materials: glass surface, metal case.
  • Easy to read, large Arabic numerals. 1 AA battery required (not included).
  • No ticking, to ensure a good sleep and better working environment.
  • Nightlight function is perfect at night. By simply pressing the key.
  • Audible alarm: Super loud sound alarm for heavy. Extremely easy to use with only two buttons for time setting and alarm time.

Also read: Best ceiling projection alarm clocks 2021

* See Offer on amazon.it *#2

Casio TQ-140-1BEF Wake Up Timer - Digital Alarm Clock

Casio TQ-140-1BEF Wake Up Timer – Digital Alarm Clock *by Casio

  • Fluorescent coating for the hands and / or digits
  • Daily alarm
  • Battery endurance for about a year
  • Resin case
  • Size: 57mm x 57mm x 33mm
  • A luminous coating provides long-term illumination in the dark only after a short exposure to light.

* See Offer on amazon.it *The best value for money# 3

Navaris analogue wooden bedside alarm clock - round table snooze clock - natural wood silent retro vintage style alarm clock
  • BACK TO THE ORIGINS: the style of the Navaris round wooden alarm clock has no time. The minimal and trendy vintage design looks great on any table.
  • FUNCTIONAL: seconds, minutes, hours – in addition to the hands and numbers, the battery-operated alarm clock has a silver button for the night light and an alarm with snooze function. In addition, the alarm sound is very pleasant.
  • EVERY WATCH A UNIQUE PIECE: due to the natural grain of the wood, each alarm clock is different from the other, and can show variations in color.
  • SILENT CLASSIC: the round wooden desk alarm clock does not produce any annoying ticking, and thanks to the small and compact body it is also ideal for traveling.
  • ALL OVER THE HOUSE: not only on the bedside table, but also on the shelf in the bathroom, on the shelves in the kitchen and living room, on any type of tables or desks. Also perfect for the office.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 4

Casio Alarm Clock TQ-141-2EF

Casio TQ-141-2EF Alarm Clock *by Casio

  • With battery power
  • The clock display is analog
  • Case material in resin

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 5

Braun BNC001BK Classic alarm clock with increasing volume tone - Black

Braun BNC001BK Classic alarm clock with increasing volume tone – Black *by Braun

  • Alarm clock with four hands
  • Silent movement of the hands
  • High precision
  • Rising alarm volume
  • Requires 1 AA battery (included)

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 6

Vintage Style Analog Quartz Quartz Double Bell Bedside Alarm Clock 3 Inch Large Dial Alarm Clock Function with Loud Sound, No Ticking, Night Light (Orange)
  • Classic design, 80s retro style vintage alarm clock.
  • Wake up with strong signal, never postpone your time. Its loud alarm can actually wake up deeply asleep people, ideal for heavy sleepers.
  • Transparent dial with large numbers: the bold numbers are legible and can be read through the clear and transparent display; easy to set up and therefore perfect for children and the elderly.
  • High quality quartz movement, silent, no ticking, to ensure an undisturbed sleep.
  • Night Light: Helps to read the time in the dark. Just press the button to activate the night light.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 7

Casio Collection TQ-143S-4EF Digital Alarm Clock

Casio Collection TQ-143S-4EF Digital Alarm Clock *by CASIO

  • Quadrant lighting
  • Fluorescent coating for the hands and / or digits
  • Daily alarm and snooze function
  • Case of resin
  • Battery endurance for about a year

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 8

EASEHOME Classic Bedside Alarm Clock, Double Bell Quartz Analog Alarm Clock Travel Vintage Clock Silent Night Light Alarm Loud Ringer, 3 Inch Arabic Numerals
  • Analog Alarm Clock with Night Light and Loud Ring Alarm – Press the light button to activate the night light, easily read the time at night. Double bell alarm clock, very loud, perfect for heavy sleepers.
  • Silent and Durable Travel Alarm Clock – Non-ticking, smooth and smooth quartz movement ensures a good sleep. Made of high quality metal, plastic and glass materials, super sturdy and durable.
  • 3 “Durable Retro Bedside Alarm Clocks – Vintage design with copper color back, classic Arabic numerals, a perfect decoration for desk, nightstand, bedroom, home and office etc.
  • Multifunctional Battery Alarm Clock and Ideal Gift – Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included), very easy to use. Perfect for all ages, girls, boys, children and adults. Great gift for birthday, Christmas or party for your kids, family or friends.
  • ZERO Risk Alarm Clock – Free replacement or full refund guarantee. Choose EASEHOME, Buy with ZERO risk.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 9

Braun BNC002BK Classic Square Travel Alarm Clock - Black

Braun BNC002BK Classic Square Travel Alarm Clock – Black *by Braun

  • Alarm clock with four hands
  • Silent movement of the hands
  • High precision
  • Rising alarm volume
  • Requires 1 AA battery (included)

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 10

3 "Coolzon® Bedside Alarm Clock Retro Alarm Clocks Quartz Analog Alarm Clock Double Bell Silent with Night Light and Loud Ring Alarm (Green)
  • 【High Quality & Analog】 – Coolzon fashion digital alarm clock made of high quality durable materials with smooth quartz movement, quiet, no ticking to ensure a quiet sleep and good working environment.
  • 【Classic and Innovative Design】 – Classic retro style alarm clock with voice face, large 3D Arabic numerals for easy reading, colorful candy and classic colors for choice, perfect for both kids and adults.
  • 【Loud Alarm and Night Light Function】 – Ringer alarm sound, gradually wake up, super loud alarm sound for heavy sleepers. The night light helps to read the time clearly in the dark by simply pressing the light button.
  • 【Easy to Use and Ideal Gift】 – Battery alarm clock, practical and very easy to set; good choice for home and office decoration, also an ideal gift for children, teenagers and the elderly.
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】 – Your satisfaction is our mission. We promise immediate 100% full refund or new free replacement based on your preference, if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 11

Casio Alarm Clock Collection TQ-369-7EF

Casio Alarm Clock Collection TQ-369-7EF *by CASIO

  • Quadrant lighting
  • Fluorescent coating for the hands and / or digits
  • Doorbell alarm and snooze function
  • Case of resin
  • Battery endurance for about a year

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 12

PiLife Mini Classic Double Bell Alarm Clock with Night Light, Silent Quartz Movement with Second Hand No Ticking, Travel Alarm Clocks, Retro Style, with 2 Bells? Green?
  • Unique design: with mint green shell, breaking the traditional shape, make it more pleasant, it is the most popular alarm clock, suitable for decoration, such as bedroom, kitchen, office, children’s room and study .
  • Ways of ringtones: Oversized ringtones are ideal for people who have difficulty getting up, but also for people with little deafness indeed deaf people. No snooze button, especially suitable for waking up people who have difficulty getting up.
  • Easy to use: the alarm and setting are very simple, just mobilize the back button. 3D dial to make the figures visible. Back is the alarm button with backlight, at night, lying in bed, press the button, you can clearly see the time. (Note: the night light function works when you press, and automatically turns off when it leaves, energy saving)
  • Mute scanning movement: Mute scanning movement makes the rotation of the second hand produce no sound. Alarm clock works silently, does not disturb the sweet sleep, but also to ensure a good sleep and the best working environment.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Retro style mini design, it is the best choice for decoration, also can be given as a gift, to children, young people, and the elderly.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 13

Acctim Bentima by, Sweeper One, Silent plastic alarm clock, White color

Acctim Bentima by, Sweeper One, Silent plastic alarm clock, White color *by Acctim

  • Silent second hand
  • Green luminescent numbers & luminescent tip hands for easy reading in the dark
  • Backlight activated by pressing the light / snooze button
  • Dimensions: 104 x 105 x 61mm
  • Requires 1 AA battery – not included

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 14

Bedside Alarm Clock, Small and Light Quartz Travel Alarm Clock, Silent and Stress Relief Analog Alarm Clock with Snooze and Light, Ascending Sound Alarm, Easy Set, Battery (Black / White)
  • ★ 【SMALL ANALOG ALARM】 ★: Clock product size: 3.6in * 1.6in * 3.6in. Our three bell alarm clock features a large stereo display and 3D stereo numbers for easy viewing. 4 inch classic alarm clock, high precision, no hum, provide a peaceful sleep, this simple and beautiful style alarm clock will be your bedroom, living room, office, kids room the most beautiful decorations.
  • ★ 【HIGH QUALITY】 ★: Advanced precision quartz movement allows analog hands, non-slip quartz movement with no sound around the dial, no need to tickle. A silent alarm does not count the second hand. Ensure a good night sleep, the best working environment, suitable for school, office, travel, outdoor, reading and bedside tables. Our big alarm clock is a great gift for you and your loved ones.
  • ★ 【BRIGHT FUNCTION】 ★: The night light, as long as you press the big button at the top of the SNOOZE / LIGHT function, at the top of the alarm clock, the night light is very soft, so it will not disturb your sleepy eyes; the luminous hand also has night lighting
  • ★ 【PORTABLE SIZE】 ★: The analog alarm clock is small in size, compact in design and fully functional. Easy to carry. After inserting the 2 * AA battery (not included), the installation is completed very quickly. It can be an ideal Christmas gift, providing a perfect gift for children, seniors, family, friends or colleagues.
  • ★ 【WARRANTY】 ★ When you order today, your purchase will be fully protected. All our products have a money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please give us a chance to contact us. ★ Email us: ★ huweieur@163.com , we will get back to you within 24 hours, we will be happy to help you! Thank you!

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 15

Navaris Wooden Bedside Analog Alarm Clock - Retro Square Table Clock with Snooze - Silent Gold Dial Dark Natural Wood
  • BACK TO THE ORIGINS: the style of the Navaris round wooden alarm clock has no time. The minimal and trendy vintage design looks great on any table.
  • FUNCTIONAL: seconds, minutes, hours – in addition to the hands and numbers, the battery-operated alarm clock has a silver button for the night light and an alarm with snooze function. In addition, the alarm sound is very pleasant.
  • EVERY WATCH A UNIQUE PIECE: due to the natural grain of the wood, each alarm clock is different from the other and can show variations in color.
  • SILENT CLASSIC: the round wooden desk alarm clock does not produce any annoying ticking and, thanks to the small and compact body, it is also ideal for traveling.
  • ALL OVER THE HOUSE: not only on the bedside table, but also on the shelf in the bathroom, on the shelves in the kitchen and living room, on any type of tables or desks. Also perfect for the office.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 16

TFA 60.1017.01 Electronic alarm clock

TFA 60.1017.01 Electronic alarm clock *by TFA Dostmann

  • Figures clearly legible
  • Backlight
  • Easy to use

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 17

Casio - TQ-218-8EF - Analog quartz alarm clock with alarm repetition

Casio – TQ-218-8EF – Analog quartz alarm clock with alarm repetition *by Casio

  • Alarm clock
  • Dial type: analog
  • Dial material: plastic
  • Simple to use functions

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 18

Casio Collection TQ-142-4EF alarm clock

Casio Collection TQ-142-4EF alarm clock *by Casio

  • Quadrant lighting
  • Fluorescent coating for the hands and / or digits
  • Daily alarm
  • Battery endurance for about a year
  • Resin case

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 19

TFA 60.1506.06 analog clock radio, metallic blue, silent Sweep mechanism
  • Large numbers (about 9mm)
  • Snooze function (5 minutes)
  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x 52mm
  • LCD backlight (by pressing a button above)
  • Get introduced only the alarm and don’t wake up from movement.

* See Offer on amazon.it *# 20

Drillpro Alarm Clock, Classic Double Bell Alarm Clock with Night Light, 4 inch Big Dial, Analog Quartz Alarm Clock with Loud Alarm, No Ticking - Nice and Easy to Read
  • 【Large Display & Noiseless】 – Large display numbers allow you to watch the time easily, even for people with limited vision skills. Give a precious gift to yourself or your loved ones. Classic 4 inch alarm clock, no tick, provide peaceful sleep and working environment.
  • 【Loud Audible Alarm】 – The two bells provide a sound loud enough to wake you up in the morning. It doesn’t matter if you are a heavy sleeper, have children who have trouble waking up or have hearing problems, 5 minutes of constant alarm noise will help you get out of bed.
  • 【Easy to Use】 Unlike modern digital alarm clocks, this one has only four buttons: two dials to set the clock and alarm, an alarm switch to turn the alarm on / off and the NIGHTLIGHT button to help you know the time of night.
  • 【Nightlight Function】 – Helps you read the time in the dark. Just press the light button to activate the night light. Thanks to the high-quality quartz driving time the alarm clock is very accurate.
  • 【100% Guarantee】 – We strive to make the highest quality products in the market, all of our products come with a 180 days warranty. We will honor this guarantee for all purchases made from our store. So what are you waiting for, get one risk-free today by adding this item to your cart!

* See Offer on amazon.it *

The Consumption Ranking for Analog Alarm Clock is of great help for anyone who wants to buy the best products in this category. In particular, the designated test winner should give the buying process and product research a high priority . Our recommendation: look at various products from the ranking and make a comparison . Additionally, we recommend that you read customer reviews and ratings to determine the best products.

Buy Analogue travel alarm clock – Shopping guide and advice

In this section, for those who want to buy Analog Alarm Clock, we have drawn up a small buying guide . This contains the most important criteria in the form of a checklist, which should always be taken into consideration when selecting or purchasing. If you follow the checklist of our experts, you will surely find the best product in the Analog Alarm Clock category.

  • Manufacturer: Are there any reputable manufacturers or well-known brands for Analog Alarm Clock?
  • Reviews: Do you have informative and grounded reviews on the topic?
  • Customer ratings : Are the ratings available from people who have purchased and tested the product?
  • Product dimensions : what dimensions are required or even possible?
  • Consumption: what is the latest test result published by the consumer organization on Analog Alarm Clock?
  • Test results: Which models became test winners in the Analog Alarm Clock product group?
  • Price: how much budget do you have available for the Analog Alarm Clock?
  • Comparison: In conclusion, we recommend a comprehensive price comparison to find the best one!

In the checklist above, you should particularly consider the results of the Consumption test . Analogue Alarm Consumer Test Ratings and test winners can be an important piece of information in your quest for the best product. Our recommendation: For product evaluation, you need to purchase more than one product in order to compare them directly with each other. This way, you can take your comparison test at home and identify your test winner individually.

More information on Vintage Analogue travel alarm clock

In addition to the summary information on our site, you should also look for Analog Alarm Clock reviews directly on the Consumer site. Below you will find a list of websites that provide the best information and articles on the subject or products.

  • Further information on icastica.it
  • More information on wikipedia.org
  • Price comparison on idealo.it

Why should you look at the sources listed above on Analog Alarm Clock? The reasons are different: as an independent consumer organization, Consumo tests a large number of products under laboratory conditions, taking into account objective criteria. As a result, the test results are extremely valid and it is advisable to take a look at the test winner or the best products.

Furthermore, on the question-answer portals (such as gutefrage.net) you will often find useful and further information. There are already some customer reviews and recommendations for the Analog Alarm Clock product group. Since this is about product reviews from real buyers with practical experience, the information is very valuable.

Other relevant topics and helpful articles written by our experts are listed below:

  • Analog Soldering Station
  • Personal Analog Scale
  • Alarm clock for children

Useful videos about Travel Analog Alarm Clock 2021

Meanwhile, Consumo regularly posts product test videos on YouTube, such as Analog Alarm Clock reviews in video format. A video of an appropriate review in this context, we have selected for you. Our tip: To find quality content for the current product category, search YouTube better by entering “ Analogue Alarm Review “.

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Summary & Conclusion – Analogue travel alarm clock 2021

Looking for the best Analog Alarm Clock we believe the Consumer Winner a good recommendation that you should take into consideration when comparing products. In particular, due to the large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read various reviews before purchasing. In addition to the consumption test assessments reviews from other magazines (such as Consumption) are in most cases available. If you find a number of reviews, it makes sense to compare the respective best Analog Alarm Clock by conducting practical tests.

Regarding the published rankings, the year of publication should always be taken into account (relevance of the current word). If you work with old Analog Alarm Clock rankings, you may not find the best product due to outdated information. Therefore, our final tip: always look for information on the current year’s test winner, at best, in combination with a detailed review.

Best ceiling projection atomic alarm clock 2021 with outdoor temperature

If you’re looking for the best ceiling projection alarm clock 2021 with outdoor temperature? We have categorized the best selling and budget friendly atomic alarm clock that projects the time on your ceiling suits best for your bedroom.

Best projection alarm clock with outdoor temperature 2021

There are so many china models ceiling projection alarm cock that’d wreck easily in few hours of usage so we have gathered the best ceiling projection alarm clocks with outdoor temperature. If you’re looking for an alarm clock that doesn’t wake partner check this out. Here’s the list below with their pros and cons.

SMARTRO Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock with Room Temperature

smartro ceiling projection alarm clock with room temperature


  • Room Temperature
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable dimmer
  • Dual Alarm clock
  • Snooze option


  • No radio
  • Doesn’t support 12v

If you’re planning to buy a clock that doesn’t has radio, then this one could come in hand. Check for the best deal here on Amazon

Think Gizmo Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Room Temperature

think gizmo projection alarm clock


  • Auto Time setting feat.
  • Calendar Display
  • Hydrometer
  • Dual Alarm Clock
  • USB Charger


  • Loses time often
  • No radio

This clock comes with a great projector that displays shiny time on the ceiling with great clarity. If you’re planning to go with a portable compact sized ceiling projector alarm clock with outdoor temperature then this one’s a great product that you can BUY from amazon here.

Crosse Technology Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock 2021

crosse tech ceiling projection alarm clock


  • Auto Focus
  • Rotating Arm
  • Daylight Saving
  • AC power Adapter incl.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Long transmission
  • Budget friendly


  • Low display in the morning
  • Short range display

If you’re looking to project the time in your bedroom ceiling which is lesser than 10ft then this could be the best projection alarm clock with outdoor temperature in 2021. Only downside of this product is that the color of the projection is not clearly visible when exposed to the sunlight. You can check what other customers says about this product here.

Oregon Projection Atomic Alarm Clock with Room Temperature

oregon projection atomic alarm clock with room temperature


  • Compact and Colorful
  • Easily disposable
  • Cheap Cost
  • Designated Time Zones
  • Bright Display


  • Less lifetime
  • Only indoor temperature

If you’re a person who keeps buying new projection atomic alarm clocks with outdoor temperature every month then I’m pretty sure that’s because the previous model has either broken or damaged or ineffective. Every now and then we come across a product that has to be replaced frequently and a ceiling projection alarm clock comes in that list. So this is the most cheap yet powerful atomic alarm clock with indoor temperature that can be replaced easily when it stops working. You can buy it here.

Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock with FM Radio

mesqool projection alarm clock with fm radio


  • FM Radio
  • Adjustable Hand
  • Buzzer alarm
  • Volume control
  • Cellphone Charger
  • Auto off timer


  • Only 12 hours format
  • No temperature meter

If you’re not worried about the temperature or you already have a separate thermometer to measure the weather around you then this best projection alarm clock 2021 is for you because it comes with preloaded 20 stations of FM radio stations to keep you entertained and also has an inbuilt USB port to keep your phone stay charged. Get this alarm clock here.

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10 Best Swim Trunks for Surfing Men 2021

Best Swim Trunks for Surfing: You are planning your summer vacation and you are still missing the perfect swimming trunks for surfing? 2021 brings some new trends with it. There is guaranteed to be a suitable model for every man. See our seven favorite swim trunks for surfing in beach.

Long, short, close-fitting or do you prefer wide? The choice of swimwear for men is unlimited. There are also new trends in color this year. We’ll show you what’s hot this summer. If you’re looking for hiding your fats inside the shorts then read this best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge article.

Top 10 Best Swim Trunks for Surfing 2021

1. The classic Swim trunks for surfing

The “Performance” swim shorts by Adidas are an absolute classic. Since the trend this year is towards shorter shorts, their length is optimal. It is equipped with an inner net so that nothing slips further down. At the same time, it is very airy, which reduces sweating. Due to the sporty look, the shorts can also be worn for sports. The trend color this year: blue. These swim trunks for surfers are available on Otto.de in a total of six different colors.

Not your thing? At Otto you will find many other swimming trunks for men. Browse through the large selection and shop with one of our free discount codes:

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2. The simple stretch swimming trunks

The stretch panty is very popular this summer. The tight-fitting swimming trunks exude a good pinch of retro charm. With its drawstring on the waistband and short legs, it is particularly suitable for sporty types who want to emphasize their bodies. The black look looks simple, while the print on the side gives it a special touch. You can’t go wrong with this model.Order the best swim trunks for surfers at

(Display)Use vouchers at Otto now and save

3. The conspicuous one

The more eye-catching version of the stretch swimming trunks is suitable for men who like to stand out on the beach and want to show what they have. The plaid pattern is particularly popular in 2017. The inner cord ensures a good hold so that nothing slips. The Buffalo model is currently available at AboutYou.AboutYou Buy plaid swimming trunks

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4. The beach slip

The trend this year is not only called “short”, but even “very short”! The tight swimwear is very popular this year. Again, blue is definitely the hip color. The only catch: the cut hides absolutely no fat deposits. So this model is only something for well-trained pants wearers.Amazon Buy the beach slip on Amazon

5. The classic board shorts

The casual, longer version of the boardshorts has a lace fastener and an inner mesh. The side pockets offer a little storage space – an advantage if you need a place for your cell phone and house key when you are out for a walk on the beach. The board shorts are particularly suitable for tall men because they visually compress the legs.

6. The beach shorts

If you don’t have enough money for a beach holiday this year, you can bring the beach to you: with the beach board shorts. It is for more conspicuous types who are fed up with gray or black tones. The model is currently available on Amazon in nine different colors.Amazon Buy the beach shorts on Amazon

7. The real eye-catcher

The eye-catcher on every beach: the Lederhosen swimming trunks. At first glance, the pants look like they are made of real leather. The brown buttons and the white embroidery embellishments complete the look. This hearty model has been very popular in recent years and will be a highlight again this summer. The casual traditional trousers are currently available on Amazon.


Here you can find the top coupons for AmazonAmazon Order the leather pants from Amazon

Swim trunks for Surfers recommendation

The product recommendations at FOCUS Online are based on the independent opinions of our employees. Several factors are taken into account, such as best swim trunks for surfers from other users, test experiences or personal taste.

We receive a commission for products sold – but this is independent of our reporting. The price of the product remains unchanged for you. It can happen that individual products are removed from the range of shops after a while or that they are no longer available.

Best looking fully dimmable small travel alarm clock with light analog

Best looking fully dimmable small travel alarm clock with light analog : Here’s the big list of best looking alarm clocks that are fully dimmable and are portable because of their size, so these are the small travel alarm clock with light.

Small Travel Alarm Clock with Light

I am a country person and as such I am used to getting up early .
I recently moved to a big city, to an apartment that doesn’t get much sunlight. It has happened to me that I wake up very tired , not only on days when I fall asleep late but in general.

I did a little research on the internet and came across small travel alarm clocks with light . It was quite a surprise to learn that this little device could offer so many health and rest benefits , so I decided to buy one.
It has worked wonderfully, it helps me wake up in a good mood and start the day with energy .

Fitfirst Wake-Up Light Solar Alarm Clock

View on Amazon.com

  • With a modern design , circular in shape with a touch of wood , this alarm clock will transport you to a natural environment.
  • As a dawn light alarm clock , the brightness of the light will increase up to 20 different levels so you can wake up in a good mood.
  • It has a snooze function that when activated you can sleep for 5 more minutes.
  • Includes 7 natural sounds to choose from as an alarm; pure music, birds, waves, forests, beeps, among others.
  • Night light function allowing you to choose between 7 warm colors.
  • Solar alarm clock function , with which the radio can be programmed as an alarm. Ideal for those who require music to wake up.

PROS of small travel alarm clock

  • Snooze function, which will allow you a few extra minutes of sleep.
  • It works as a night light with 7 colors to choose from.
  • Ten levels of shine intensity guaranteeing a very natural awakening

CONS of small travel alarm clock

  • Most of the functions work with usb. With batteries it’s just an alarm clock.

The rating given by users on the Amazon portal to this product are excellent ( 5 out of 5 stars ), mainly highlighting its variety of functions and attractive design .An alarm clock that will also help you fall asleep

GRDE Sunrise Alarm Clock

Wake Up Light Wake Up Lights Sunrise Simulation with Color Light Mode for 120 Hours, Sleep Assist Light Function , 4 Natural Alarm Sound , 3 Lighting Modes & 7 Colors

View on Amazon.com

  • And this will be achieved thanks to the sleep aid light function that simulates the sunset , added to soft sounds such as waves, rain, among others.
  • It can be used as a bedside lamp as the lighting can be adjusted in three different modes (low, medium and high).
  • With a single charge of its lithium battery it can operate 120 hours as a low level lamp , 10 hours at medium level and 5 at high level.
  • The lights can be changed in 7 different colors so you can choose the one you like the most.
  • The dawn function activates the light 30 minutes before the ambient sound so that you get used to the rays of light.

PROS of small travel alarm clock with light

  • Sunset function or sleep light to sleep better.
  • Long battery life.
  • A +++ energy efficiency thanks to its type of bulb.

CONS of small travel alarm clock with light

  • Few natural alarm sounds.
  • It does not have a solar radio alarm function.

This is another model with very good opinions and comments from Amazon users (with a score of  4.9 out of 5 ). They highlight its gradual change in light intensities , simulating sunrise very well.
The offer among solar alarm clocks

YOOZON light alarm clock

Light alarm clock, YOOZON light alarm clock simulating sunrise, LED Lamp with 7 color lights, 6 alarm sounds, alarm clock with smart alarm, touch control, FM radio

View on Amazon.com

  • This model has a touch screen , in which you will easily control all the functions of the device.
  • It has the snooze function to sleep 5 more minutes.
  • It can be used as a bedside lamp and it includes 7 colors to choose from.
  • It works with rechargeable batteries via micro usb cable .
  • It has 6 programmable natural sounds and fm radio if you prefer to start the day with your favorite program .

PROS of good looking small travel alarm clock

  • Touch control for its functions on the front of the device.
  • FM radio function included.
  • It can be used as a led lamp with 7 colors to choose from.

CONS of good looking small travel alarm clock

  • Instruction manual in English.
  • Very powerful sound.

When it comes to buyer reviews, these are pretty good ( 4.3 out of 5 stars ). Most emphasize its good value for money .
An energy efficient alarm clock

URXTRAL natural light alarm clock

URXTRAL Wake Up Light Wake Up Light, Wake Up Lights, Sunrise Simulation Wake-Up Wake Up Lights Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light, Nature Sounds FM Radio, 7 Colors / 10 Brightness, Touch Control Sunset & Snooze

View on Amazon.com

  • It has sunrise and sunset functions , both incorporating the 10 levels of light intensity.
  • It can be used as a table lamp and it has 6 different colors such as blue, green, indigo, warm white, among others).
  • It has 6 natural alarm sounds that will help you wake up. Also, you can choose the fm radio as an alarm clock.
  • Snooze function that will play the alarm again giving you a few more minutes to sleep.

PROS of fully dimmable small travel alarm clock

  • Six natural alarm sounds, thus completing the natural awakening.
  • 10 levels of brightness intensity, very well simulating sunrise and sunset.
  • FM radio function, for those who like to wake up with it.

CONS of fully dimmable small travel alarm clock

  • Instruction manual in English.
  • The led light does not stay fixed in one color.

Overall, buyer feedback is good (with a score of 4.3 out of 5 ). One of their common points is their good value for money .
An alarm clock that will take up little space on your nightstand

JVMAC natural alarm clock

Wake Up Light, JVMAC Natural LED Light and Radio Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation, Bedside Night Light with FM radio, 7 LED colors, 6 Natural Sounds, 10 brightness levels, Touch Control and USB

View on Amazon.com

  • But that will be noticed thanks to its sunrise function with 10 levels of brightness that increase progressively.
  • Its dimensions are 17.6 x 17.6 x 9.4 cm and its weight is 363 grams , which is considered very light.
  • It has a night lamp function with which you can choose between the 7 colors that it includes such as purple, light blue, green, red, etc.
  • It includes 6 sounds of natural alarms programmed like the waves of the sea and voices of the forest. If you are more of voices and loud sounds, the FM radio function is for you.

PROS of small travel alarm clock 2020

  • Small and light, weighing only 363 grams.
  • Energy efficient led bulb, which translates into lower electrical cost.
  • FM radio function included.

CONS small travel alarm clock 2020

  • The reception of radio stations is not that good.
  • Very bright at maximum intensity.

The closest to a perfect rating was given by users of the Amazon portal to this product ( 4.9 out of 5 stars ). Its strengths include its good performance and ease of use .
A small rectangular model

Kavai light alarm clock

View on Amazon.com

  • Making it different in its design to the majority of circular solar alarm clocks on the market.
  • Its sunrise mode is activated 30 minutes before the programmed time, slowly illuminating the room until it is time to get up.
  • Includes 5 sounds of nature (Cuckoo song, beach, thrush song, kingfisher song, thunderstorm) that you can program instead of conventional sounds.
  • It works as a night lamp with 20 levels of light intensity to choose from, as well as 7 LED colors, including blue, green and purple.
  • It works by recharging with a usb cable .

PROS of small travel alarm clock with light analog

  • It is recharged by usb cable, a more comfortable and universal way.
  • It can be used as a bedside lamp with 3 different intensity levels.
  • 20 levels of brightness in its sunrise mode, much higher than average.

CONS of small travel alarm clock with light analog

  • It does not have an FM radio.

Users on Amazon gave this product the perfect rating with the highest score . Its rectangular design and the little space it occupies stand out .
An alarm clock that will also help you sleep

Guolian progressive light alarm clock

Digital Alarm Clock Sunrise and Sunset LED Wake Up Light Table Lamp Bed Night Light, Natural Sounds, Sleep Function, FM Radio (6 colors, touch control)

View on Amazon.com

  • And that’s thanks to the sunset function . This can be programmed in a 15, 30 or 60 minute countdown until an automatic light switch-off at the end of the time.
  • It can be used as a table lamp and you can choose between 7 different colors of light.
  • It has 5 natural sounds programmed to complement the experience of waking up naturally.
  • The radio can also be used as a wake-up alarm.
  • As for its dimensions, these are   17.8 x 17.4 x 9.6 cm and its weight is 599g .


  • Can be used as a bedside lamp.
  • Snooze function to delay waking up for a few minutes.
  • Automatic light shutdown in sunset mode.


  • A little big.
  • Very loud radio sound.

4.3 out of 5 is the rating given by buyers on Amazon to this model. They point out that it is a very practical multifunction equipment .
You will have no problem seeing the time clearly

Sunrise alarm clock Philips Wake-up Light HF3651 / 01

View on Amazon.com

  • What is most striking about this model is its unique design in the shape of a minimalist donut. It is the perfect gift for anyone.
  • Its led touch screen is a good size which will allow you to clearly see the time and activated functions.
  • It includes functions such as sunrise and sunset or sunset , regulating the intensity of the brightness to get up and go to sleep respectively.
  • It has fm radio and this can be programmed as an alarm or to turn off automatically after the programmed time has elapsed.
  • It also serves as a reading lamp , has a smart snooze function and also ambient sounds for a smooth awakening.


  • Good size led screen to display the time and functions.
  • Snooze function, which will give you a few more minutes of sleep.
  • It has brightness levels in the sunrise and sunset function that make it a super natural light. Much more realistic.


  • Only 2 fixed alarms can be configured and they are not programmable
  • The price is high

The opinions of the buyers regarding this alarm clock are very good. They point out that it is a very complete model since it has several functions.
Ideal to change the atmosphere of your room

GRDE LED light alarm clock

Wake Up Light, LED Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulation and 5 Natural Sounds, Touch Control, Night Light with Multiple Colors, Perfect Gift for Children or Adults (MY-03)

View on Amazon.com

  • Its sunrise function will allow you to wake up with energy. The intensity of the light increases until you wake up at the scheduled time.
  • Includes 5 natural sounds so you can forget about loud alarms.
  • It allows you to use it as a bedside lamp with three different brightness intensity levels and at least 6 colors that change automatically.
  • It has a small and compact design . It measures 9.6 x 9.6 x 17.5 cm and weighs 381 grams .


  • A +++ energy efficiency, which translates into savings on your electricity bill.
  • It is recharged through the usb cable, being this quite comfortable and easy to do.
  • 3 levels of light intensity for use as a bedside lamp.


  • Screen somewhat small.
  • It does not have an fm radio function.

In terms of opinions and comments from users, they highlight its beautiful design and ease of use . No wonder it got a 5 out of 5 rating on Amazon.
A model from a renowned brand

Philips Wake Up Light HF3506 / 05 Alarm Clock

Philips HF3506 / 05 Indoor Lighting, 7.5 W

View on Amazon.com

  • This equipment has a touch screen , from where you can control and view all its functions.
  • Its sunrise function allows you to wake up naturally.
  • It has two natural sounds to choose from as an alarm. You can also choose the fm radio .
  • It can be used as a bedside lamp with ten different intensity levels to choose from.
  • Very light with a weight of 331 grams and dimensions of  11.5 x 18 x 18 cm .


  • Touch screen that allows you to control all its functions from there.
  • Very light, only weighing 331g so you don’t strain.
  • Can be used as a bedside lamp.


  • It does not have a sunset function.
  • It should always be plugged into the power.

Buyer reviews on Amazon are good with a score of 4 out of 5 . Most agree that it guarantees a very pleasant and natural awakening .
Design very different from conventional ones

Wake Up Light Philips Wake Up Light HF3520 / 01

Philips Alarm Clock HF3520 / 01 - LEZ Light Alarm Clock, FM Radio, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, 5 Natural Sounds, 1 Alarm, 300 Lux, White

View on Amazon.com

  • It is shaped like a reflector , with a touch screen on which the functions of the device can be viewed.
  • It has 20 brightness intensity settings that guarantee a very natural awakening.
  • It has a snooze function that is activated by touching any part of the screen when the alarm is sounding.
  • And speaking of alarms, it has 5 natural sounds that you can use as an alarm. It also allows you to use the fm radio , if you like to wake up to the sound of voices and music.
  • The alarm clock screen dims automatically when the room gets dark.
  • Its type of bulb is luxeon , which guarantees a higher level of illumination .


  • Snooze function that is activated by touching any part of the screen.
  • 20 levels of brightness intensity, more than other products on the market.
  • Automatic dimming of the screen when the room is dark.


  • Very high price.
  • Something heavy compared to other products.

We can observe a fairly high valuation among its users. And it is not surprising, for  its excellent performance  and original design .
The older brother of the HF3520 / 01

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Philips Wake Up Light HF3531 / 01 Alarm Clock

Philips Alarm Clock HF3531 / 01 - Light Alarm Clock, FM Radio, Sunrise and Sunset Simulation, 7 Natural Sounds, 1 Alarm, USB Mobile Charger, 300 Lux, White

View on Amazon.com

  • This model has the sunrise and sunset function . It is designed to help you fall asleep at night.
  • It works by means of a usb cable , which allows you a greater autonomy of the device, being able to use it without being connected to the current.
  • The alarm allows you to set one of the 7 included natural sounds . You can also use the fm radio function as an alarm.
  • It has a snooze function that you can activate it by simply touching any part of the screen when the alarm sounds.
  • It also has a midnight light function in a soft orange tone.
  • The screen dims automatically when it detects that the room is dark.
  • In terms of its weight, this is 1.15 kg , while its dimensions are 14.6 x 19.9 x 19.2 cm .


  • It has a sunrise function to wake up and sunset to help you sleep.
  • 7 alarm sounds that perfectly simulate the sounds of nature.
  • It can be charged through the usb port, which will give you greater autonomy.


  • One of the most expensive models.
  • Something heavy, exceeding the kilogram.

Buyer reviews for this model are good ( 4.2 out of 5 stars available). They highlight its ease of use and the natural awakening it guarantees .

FAQ’s on Small Travel Alarm Clock With Light :

Which small alarm clocks are the best?

The best are the Philips Wake Up Light , which also have sunset to sleep us naturally by stimulating the secretion of the hormone melatonin. In addition to simulating sunrise and sunset, it follows the real patterns of the sun , changing the intensity and tonality of the light with the same times as reality.

In fact the Wake-ups are clinically approved , and for many it is the best alarm clock in the world.

If you can’t afford the investment, there are also cheap ones with simpler functions . They will always be a better option than an alarm clock, and you will see that the opinions of customers who have already bought them are very good.

Alarm Clock with ambient sound or no sound?

The reality is that natural sunrises are accompanied by ambient sounds, and I do not mean cars in the city, I mean the sounds of nature, birds in the forest, grazing animals, ocean waves, Zen music, melodies yoga , etc.

There are those who prefer to wake up in silence, and who find it pleasant to wake up with the sunrise accompanied by pleasant sounds. It depends on the alarm clock with light that you choose will have this function or not, in any case those that have it allow you to disconnect it, in case the birds are not singing.

Does the Alarm light bother your eyes?

At all, the light of the alarm clocks that simulate sunrise is progressive , and in some models the tones change following the real colors of the sunrise. To give you an idea, it is the same as if you had fallen asleep on a deserted beach , when you open your eyes they will already be used to ambient light.

But do not think that the intensity of the light is low, most have several levels and you can choose how far you want it to go. Even at high levels you can use them as a lamp to illuminate the room, and at low levels as a dim light lamp.

If the light doesn’t wake me up, what happens?

The light begins to increase in intensity very little by little before the time you have set to get up, which is when it reaches the maximum point of illumination.

If at that moment you are still sleeping, the birds, the waves of the sea, the seagulls, the cows mooing, the piano playing, or the sound you have chosen (depending on the model) will begin to sound .

The sounds will increase in volume progressively so that you do not get syncope, but much faster than light. In a minute and a half it will reach the maximum level you have chosen, so that you do not miss the time to get up.

If you can’t wake up to the fully lit room and ambient sounds, you can also play the radio .

These are the best small travel alarm clock that you were looking for. Let us know if there’s something we left out in the comments.

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates that doesn’t wake partner

We hate him because he always rings too early, but if he forgot to ring, we would blame him even more. The ideal alarm clock should be reliable and if possible pleasant. It is with these criteria in mind that we embarked on our selection.

How to choose your alarm clock in the current plethora of offers? First, by evaluating the ease of use, which is essential when the neurons are not yet connected. The volume is also important. Being able to adjust it is essential, especially if you don’t sleep alone. More broadly, the quality of sound reproduction is a sensitive subject. It is also difficult to make a selection that is unanimous on this point … The subject is tense, it is not a surprise.

Loud Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates 2020

Every morning, it’s the same ritual. Your first alarm goes off at 7 a.m. sharp. A firm blow of the hand on the “off” or “snooze” key (snooze alarm) and he goes back to sleep. And you with it. Then sounds the second alarm clock, precisely set 30 minutes later whose alarm is fought with the same fervor.

As a result, it takes you an hour to get out of bed and skip breakfast to arrive yawning at the office.

People who recognize themselves in this situation and are finally looking for a way to break this hellish routine can fall back on these alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates.

Sonic Bomb, by Sonic Alert: for the tough guys

If the light effects, the radio or your favorite song are not enough to wake you from sleep, if you are the type who sleeps despite work next door … This alarm clock is ideal for you! The Sonic Alert is not a design model but that is not the point. Ringer tone and volume are adjustable, like LED display. Please note, this is not a toy, the siren is very powerful even at its lowest level. The alarm clock is accompanied by a vibrating cushion to be installed under the pillow. And if that is still not enough, it is possible to accompany the siren and the vibrator with a very powerful light flash, if with that you are not up in the moment …

Philips 3531/01: progressive light

The deal offered by the Philips 3531/01 is simple. The device is there to accompany you in your sleep and to wake you up gently in the morning. How? ‘Or’ What ? With twenty progressive levels of brightness to help you leave in the arms of Morpheus and come out with peace of mind. And if that’s not enough for you, Dawn Simulator offers a range of natural sounds and FM radio. The device can also charge your tablet or smartphone and consumes very little when in standby (2W). A night light function has been added on this model. Small flat, it keeps only one station in memory.

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock

Here no new technologies, but a basic tool, very easy to use and very reliable. A sober but nice and colorful design, 20 memorizable FM stations, snooze, sleep and nap functions… The little extra? “Possibility of programming 2 alarms (each one in radio or ring function) which is exceptional for a wake-up call of this budget! “Exclaims Sébastien on Amazon. The device, small in size, also offers the possibility of adjusting the brightness of its LED display, complete and inexpensive!

REMI, from UrbanHello: awakens anyone

The French start-up UrbanHello was awarded at CES 2017, the high mass of new technologies in Las Vegas, for its connected alarm clock for children REMI. A simple and rounded shape, bright colors and an expressive face make him immediately very likeable. Besides its alarm clock side, REMI also serves as a night light, connected speaker or baby monitor so that the little ones can communicate with their parents. His eyes, open or closed, indicate when the child should lie down, get up or stay under the duvet. The Bluetooth connection also allows parents to wake up their little ones with their favorite music …

HyperAlarm – The smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers

HyperAlarm is the first smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Invented by the Think Big Factory, this connected alarm clock could well revolutionize the lives of some!

HyperAlarm is for you if you have trouble getting up in the morning and therefore starting your day. Connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, the only way to stop it ringing is to get up, grab it and leave your room.

HyperAlarm smart alarm clock

To use it, all you have to do is download its companion application for iPhone and Android, configure it and activate Hypermode before going to bed. Believe me, you can’t ignore this awakening! Moreover, so as not to get used to the sound of the alarm clock, other sounds are offered with each software update. In addition, to be sure that your smart alarm clock has battery, a message warns you whether it needs to be recharged when Hypermode is activated. Finally, it is also compatible with Applewatch and Pebble smartwatches.

HyperAlarm smart alarm clock

If this alarm clock interests you, you can buy it on Indiegogo from 99 $. If you doubt that this alarm clock succeeds in waking you up, I suggest you discover it in video. I am sure that after watching this video you will have no doubts. 

Kello: the morning alarm clock for heavy sleepers

You might be reading this article when you wake up with your eyes still closed and your steaming cup of coffee by your side. Know that you can now wake up in better shape just by going to bed in a different way.


Kello is a connected and intelligent alarm clock. As well as taking care of your alarm clock, it will be there at bedtime, taking care of turning off the lights at a set time to improve your sleep cycle.

Lights off, so you will be sleepy sooner. And that’s when Kello wakes you up to your favorite music that you’ll feel the difference.


If you are a big fan of the “snooze” button, here is a little game you should like. The device will only allow you to switch it on maximum 3 times a week. A bit like lives in video games, it’s up to you to make good use of them

Add to that the ability to turn off the lights from your bed, and this little bedside companion becomes a real essential accessory. You can support Kello’s Kickstarter campaign and pre-order your copy for $ 99. This could be a best gifts for traveling businessman who are struggling lot with their sleeping schedule.

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers that doesn’t wake partner

You have a hard time waking up in the morning and you are the type who always asks for 5 more minutes from your clock radio or smartphone when he starts screaming in your ears while your eyes are struggling to open ? Rest assured, technology today allows you to fight against yourselves through torture.

Here is a small selection of applications that will force you to get out of bed at the time you decide on the night before, and not at the time you ultimately prefer in the morning.


Available on Android (and under the same name and concept on iOS, but in a different version), Walk Me Up never stops ringing until you get out of bed and walk around enough to be awake enough. and have the strength to fight against the desire to find the pillow. The app uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to know you are walking and count the number of steps. You can set the number of steps required before the phone goes silent,


While your body is barely waking up, Puzzle Alarm Clock is already testing your head. The application offers small intellectual challenges early in the morning, with math questions to solve, memory games, or puzzles. Until you get the right answers, the alarm goes on ringing.

It is possible to determine three levels of difficulty, and to define several wake-up times depending on the day of the week. The application also offers additional features such as the ability to send an SMS to someone if you do not turn off your alarm clock (like if you die while you sleep), or to force you to scan a QR Code to turn off the alarm clock. ‘alarm.



In the same vein, I Can’t Wake Up! offers eight types of exercises that you need to do to make your phone understand that you are wide awake, and not ready to go to bed. If you’re a morning person but you don’t want to get up and go for your exercise class then that’s because of your mind body shaming yourself, to stop that you can wear comfortable dress in gym, yoga class, or even wear a best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge and help your body stay awake. You can configure the application to submit you to math, memory, sorting, repeating a sequence presented on the screen, rewriting a random text, etc. The application can also force the scan of a bar code or request that the smartphone be shaken vigorously before the music or the weapon finally turns off.

Moving Away Gifts for Best Friends 2020

The time has come to look for original gift ideas for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding, anniversary, graduation, father’s day, Christmas or any other eventuality.

The problem is that for the occasion, he or she will receive so many gifts that the risk of giving a double gift or something he already has as a gift.

The person to whom you have to give the gift, however, is special for you and you would like to surprise her with an unusual, unique and original gift.

If this is the situation, you’ve come to the right place!

This list contains 80 gift ideas where you can find the right gift for any type of occasion, in person, even for those who already have everything.

It only takes you 3 minutes.

You will soon find a nice, funny and unusual thought that you are looking for.

Best Friends Moving Away Gifts 2020

Ps: If this list of ideas is not enough for you, read the articles dedicated gifts for friends moving away


spread nutella
  • What is sweeter and more loved in the world of Nutella?
  • A nutella spreader is a cheap gadget suitable for young and old, who adore the sweet hazelnut cream.
  • An original gift idea suitable for birthday or name day.

 Details on Amazon.it


Scalp massager
  • Many people love it. Acting on the very sensitive nerves of the scalp, a massager for the scalp gives intense moments of relaxation.
  • You can opt for a massaging brush or for the traditional ray massager.
  • If you give it away, be careful not to be hired as an official masseur. You risk not leaving it anymore.

 Details on Amazon.it


slice pineapple
  • Pineapple is an amazing fruit, rich in vitamins and substances that are very good for the body.
  • However, slicing them is quite complicated if you don’t have the right accessory.
  • This will allow him / her to do it easily and comfortably. This way you can enjoy all the taste of a good fresh pineapple.

 Details on Amazon.it


desk pencil holder
  • If it is a student or a student, or someone who works at the desk or office, a nice original pen holder could be the right idea.
  • You can choose from many models according to your tastes.
  • You can opt for the classic cylinder shape or for an organizer divided into compartments.

 Details on Amazon.it


pacman lamp
  • This original gift idea is suitable for young people. Who doesn’t know Pac Mac’s cute and troublesome red ghost?
  • Directly from the 80s.
  • It is a lamp that furnishes the bedroom and the living room (and not only).

 Details on Amazon.it


Make up mirror
  • Portable mirror in plastic and glass, which resembles a chocolate biscuit, equipped with a comb that massages the scalp improving blood circulation.
  • It is available in 7 rainbow colors.
  • It is anti-knot and anti-static, suitable for all hair types. It keeps them soft and shiny.

 Details on Amazon.it


wall photo frame
  • What’s better than surrounding yourself with the happiest and happiest memories?
  • A frame for the photographs to put on the wall allows it.
  • Choose the one you like best. You could give it with a photo of the two of you inside. It is a gift idea suitable for anyone.

 Details on Amazon.it


Clip Wine Thermometer
  • This is suitable for true wine connoisseurs. It is applied directly on the bottle.
  • It is useful for controlling the suitable temperature at which the wine should be stored.
  • Some models have a LED display and indications regarding the correct temperature of each type of wine.

 Details on Amazon.it


invisible book holder original gift
  • If the person loves to read and his room or house is a kind of library, this is the right original gift idea.
  • These shelves are applied to the wall in a very simple way.
  • They are invisible, help keep books in order and decorate the environment.

 Details on Amazon.it


Mr Mrs Always
  • This set with two ceramic cups is suitable for a couple or for a party or a romantic gift.
  • They are white with a really fun design.
  • The mug has a black mustache for him and the words “Mr Right”. The one for her has a pair of red lips and the words “Mrs Always Right”.

Moving away gifts for best friends : Incoming search terms.

AWESOME 8 Travel Gifts 2020 – Christmas Gifts for People Who Love to Travel

Below is the list of awesome collection of travel gifts 2020 for every travellers out there. If your friend is a vagabond or a backpacker or any type of traveller these gifts will fit to his life easily.

Also read : Gifts for travelling businessman

In this article we recommend what we think are the only useful and original accessories that you must never forget when you are about to leave, and we give you some suggestions for choosing the best ones.

The list of best travel gifts for 2020 is compatible with any type of traveler (man or woman) and contains useful objects in many different categories, including tech travel accessories (to be able to use all your devices at any time of the trip and to capture the best moments), accessories for traveling comfortably by plane / car / train, those for organising luggage, and much more.

List of Travel Gifts 2020 for Travel Lovers this Christmas

Everything else is obviously important (you won’t leave without socks or underpants no !?), but some of these items may escape you when you pack your bags and you may miss them during your trip. So here is the list of accessories to always carry on the road with you:

1 | Light and resistant backpack

Indispensable for: traveling with comfort

If it is obvious to carry a backpack or duffel for your travels, it is not as easy to find the right one, in which to store in an orderly, comfortable and easily accessible way, all the objects to take with you, without the risk of losing something on the street . Furthermore, whether you are about to embark on a journey by plane, train, car or any other means, the ideal backpack must be resistant but at the same time light, so as not to weigh too much on your shoulders or on the check-in scale if you travel by plane.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      short trips / backpackers
    • Features:
      ✔️ light (700gr)
      ✔️ large (44 liters)
      ✔️ small size (55x40x20)
      ✔️ also suitable as hand luggage on the plane
      ✔️ internal organizer
    • Similar alternatives:
      ⭐ Overmont 35L
      (convertible into a duffel bag)
      ⭐ Neekfox 35L
      (also ideal for trekking)
    • Type:
      long journeys
    • Features:
      ✔️ very large (55, 65 or 75 liters + expansion bag for additional 5 liters)
      ✔️ water repellent
      ✔️ comfortable (adjustable bands and height)
    • Similar alternatives:
      ⭐ Mountain Warehouse

2 | Travel pillow

Indispensable for: recharging energy during the journey

Whether you are leaving for a trip for months or only a few days, time is very precious on the road, and trying to rest during long journeys (such as by plane, train or car) is one of the most useful tricks to succeed to make the most of your time, without ever having to give up anything.

So an indispensable accessory to rest as much as possible is the travel pillow, which you can find in dozens of shapes and colors, soft, rigid, even inflatable if you have little space available.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      classic travel pillow
    • Features:
      ✔️ ergonomic and robust (excellent cervical support)
      ✔️ complete set (includes case, eye mask and ear plugs)
    • Similar alternatives:
      ⭐ Glaucus Kids Pillow
      (cute designs for kids: panda, piglet, strawberry, frog, cat, tiger)

    • Type:
      inflatable travel pillow
    • Features:
      ✔️ quickly inflatable with a special button
      ✔️ extra-compact (it compresses and can be stored in the small case)

3 | Universal adapter

Essential for: using / recharging any electronic device anywhere and without difficulty

We are confident that, like us, most travelers always carry a wide range of electronic devices (smartphones, PCs, tablets, cameras, action cams, drones, headphones, Kindle and whoever has more to wear).

And then a very convenient accessory, all in all economic, and which allows you to save yourself many troubles, is undoubtedly the universal adapter, a very simple device to be able to connect your devices to electrical outlets of any country in the world, (Check gifts for someone travelling to italy) without having to search and purchase a specific adapter.

If you don’t already have one with you, make sure you buy one that has, in addition to the main socket, at least 3 or 4 USB ports, so that you can connect multiple devices at the same time and that supports fast charging. The most recent also have at least one USB Type-C input, useful for compatible devices.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      travel adapter
    • Features:
      ✔️ 4 USB ports
      ✔️ USB Type-C
      port ✔️ fast charging fast-charging
      ✔️ devices up to 2000W (supports electric razors, hair
      dryers , hair straighteners and the like) ✔️ safe and tested (FCC, CE, RoHs certifications)
    • Similar alternatives:
      ⭐ Base adapter
      (2 USB ports, medium power devices up to 660W (at 110V) or 1380W (at 220V))

4 | Powerbank

Essential for: using / recharging electronic devices at any time

Still on the subject of electronics, another very practical tech accessory on the go is the powerbank, or more simply a portable charger. Once fully charged, a good powerbank can easily recharge your smartphone, tablet, and any other small device 4/5 times.

If you need to buy one, make sure that the power bank has a good capacity, at least 20,000 mAh (or better yet 25,000 mAh). This capacity represents the amount of energy that can be stored and, considering that most smartphones / iPhones have a battery with a capacity between 2,000 – 4,000 mAh, you will be able to comfortably recharge each device during the trip, without having to connect to an electrical outlet. and wait for the necessary time.

Recommended accessories:

  • POWERBANK 24,800 MAH
    • Type:
      high capacity powerbank
    • Features:
      ✔️ very high capacity (24,800 mAh, on average charging 6 times a common smartphone)
      ✔️ led indicators for the remaining charge
      ✔️ fast charging fast-charging
      ✔️ 4 USB ports
      ✔️ colors available: white, red, black

    • Type: power
      bank with solar panel
    • Features:
      ✔️ integrated solar panel (allows charging the powerbank without electricity, ideal for camping or during outdoor excursions)
      ✔️ very high capacity (26.800mAh)
      ✔️ wireless charging (on devices that support it such as iPhone X series, iPhone 8 etc.)
      ✔️ 4 USB + Type-C
      ports ✔️ 18 led flashlight
      ✔️ IP66 certified (certified resistance to dust and water)

5 | Waterproof case

Indispensable for: protecting smartphones and important documents

Another travel accessory very useful on several occasions is the waterproof case, often sold in the ideal size for smartphones, but can be used in the same way to protect identity documents, passport, money, keys and so on. Obviously this accessory is very useful to the sea, to avoid leaving your objects unattended on the beach, but in our opinion having one behind it can always be useful, for example when it rains, or more generally whenever there is a need to keep safely their belongings.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      smartphone waterproof case
    • Features:
      ✔️ IPX 8 certified (indicates that the product has passed the resistance tests for prolonged immersion)
      ✔️ material that supports the touch-screen (possibility to use the smartphone indoors)
      ✔️ high compatibility (all smartphones up to 6.5 inches diagonal)
      ✔️ manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

    • Type:
      waterproof case
    • Features:
      ✔️ IPX 8 certified
      ✔️ large (21.8 x 17.6 cm, suitable for large smartphones, wallet and documents)
      ✔️ material that supports the touch-screen
      ✔️ adjustable strap

6 | Mini first aid kit

Essential for: simply solving small emergencies

When we are leaving for long journeys, we often exaggerate a bit in terms of medicines and we start with a supply worthy of a small pharmacy, which obviously we bring back almost intact. As always when it is too much, it is too much, but a small first aid kit with all the essentials for small events, is the most balanced (and compact) solution to take with you, and can avoid unnecessary worries during your trip.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      basic first aid kit (for small emergencies)
    • Features:
      ✔️ safe products (compliant with Directive 93/42 / EEC)
      ✔️ made in Italy
      ✔️ nylon bag with zip

7 | Action cam

Indispensable for: capturing the most beautiful and adventurous moments of the trip

Like many travelers, during our travels we love to capture the most beautiful and fun moments, and since we purchased a small portable camera, we have been able to take photos and record videos on any occasion.

Unlike the more demanding traditional cameras, unbeatable in terms of quality but much more bulky, with an action-cam or portable camera, you are ready to record in a matter of seconds, and there is no limit that holds: water, snow, mud, air, any scenery becomes the perfect theater to resume the unforgettable moments of the journey.

Faced with the choice between a traditional action cam (such as the GoPro 8 or the DJI Osmo Action) and a stabilized camera with gimbal, we personally oriented ourselves on the second, more precisely on the DJI Osmo Pocket, an extremely compact camera (so much to be really in a pocket) but capable of taking photos and recording 4K videos of surprising quality, thanks to the very precise 3-axis stabilizer. In short, an accessory that we never leave at home, whether it’s a weekend trip or a long trip abroad.

In choosing between a classic action cam and a camera with gimbal, consider well the use you will make of it and oriented on the first if you want to use it in purely sporting activities (diving, skiing, climbing), otherwise choose the second if you intend to use it more daily.

Recommended accessories:

    • Type:
      high-end action cam
    • Features:
      ✔️ very high quality video (4K HDR)
      ✔️ electronic image stabilization (ESI)
      ✔️ dual screen (front + rear touchscreen)
      ✔️ wide angle lens (145 °)
      ✔️ completely waterproof (no need for additional accessories)


    • Type:
      high-end action cam
    • Features:
      ✔️ highest quality video (4K)
      ✔️ electronic image stabilization (ESI)
      ✔️ rear touchscreen display
      ✔️ live streaming in 1080p quality

  • APEMAN A100
    • Type:
      economy-class action cam
    • Features:
      ✔️ latest model in the Apeman series of cheap action cameras (price below € 100)
      ✔️ 4K stabilized videos up to 50fps (50 images per second)
      ✔️ integrated wifi
      ✔️ 20MP photos
      ✔️ waterproof up to 40 meters deep
      ✔️ kit accessories included


    • Type:
      camera stabilized with gimbal
    • Features:
      ✔️ very high quality video (4K up to 60fps)
      ✔️ 3-axis mechanical stabilization (smooth and perfectly stabilized videos in any condition)
      ✔️ pocket-sized and very light (116gr)
      ✔️ active-track, time-lapse, motion-lapse mode, panoramic photos 3 × 3

8 | Travel organizer

To make sure you never forget anything, a particularly useful accessory is the travel organizer. They are available in many formats but the ones we recommend are organizers designed for electronic accessories, which have numerous pockets, zip and elastic bands and are therefore perfect for organizing every type of small accessory.

Without wasting time before each departure, prepare one with everything you can need while traveling, and always leave it ready, because even at home it is very convenient to have everything well organized in very little space, without dozens of separate boxes and containers.

Indispensable for: neatly protecting and storing all small accessories

Recommended accessories:

    • Typology:
      organizer for electronics
    • Features:
      ✔️ waterproof nylon case
      ✔️ compartments with elastic bands, pockets and zip
      ✔️ ultra-compact and very light (less than 60gr)

    • Type:
      suitcase organizer
    • Features:
      ✔️ cubes with compression system (to better organize the suitcase taking up very little space)
      ✔️ available in many colors with sets of 4 or 7 pieces
      ✔️ eco-sustainable (made with recycled plastic bottles)

These are all the best travel gifts for 2020 that we always carry, and that we recommend for your travels, but obviously when you are leaving there is also much more that you have to pack.

For this reason we recommend our article What to pack , where you can find a complete and well organized list in categories, perfect for quickly preparing your luggage. You can tick what you pack directly from your phone or PC, without having to print the list (but if you are more comfortable with a sheet of paper, we have made the lists available in PDF format to be printed).

Having said that, if you liked the best travel gifts 2020 article or if you think there are other useful accessories to add, please let us know with a comment below.

Monster in the Closet

Having only just moved there, I longed to learn about my new hometown and create a few friendships. I attended every lecture, mixer, and meet-up. I was at networking events for programmers despite having only a vague familiarity with the term, ‘reboot.’ I crashed sailing club meetings despite a fear of water, and there I was with the scientists; riveted to every factoid they related about golden-cheeked warblers and feral pigs.

Late that evening beneath an ebony sky, I walked the dog – actually we were propelled along the dimly lit streets by a constant wind. No lightening, no thunder, but there was a definite storm brewing.  The walk had been more like Olympic speed racing as she dashed from shrub, to boulder, to tree.  Then I heard it… a single, guttural grunt that sent a chill down my spine.  I slowly turned and there in the spot light cast by a street lamp, it stood squarely.  It wasn’t that tall, but it was that wide.

I twisted the dog’s leash around my hand a few times so she had no choice but to heal.  Her ears slicked back, her head dropped to shoulder level; she’d spotted it.  A swift visual recon of my surroundings showed there was nowhere to hide.  Aim between the eyes, that’s what the scientists had said, but I didn’t have a weapon so I grabbed a garden gnome from a stranger’s yard.  If the worst case scenario came, I would smash the gnome over the pig’s snout, perhaps confusing him long enough to escape.  Sure, that was completely reasonable.

We moved closer, one foot in front of the other.  We crept forward, about 3 feet as the seconds ticked by (in synch with my pulse pounding in my head). Then, in a blur, it crossed the street diagonally – so suddenly and quickly that I yelped, tripped over the dog and almost lost my gnome-of-protection as my nemesis came to rest a few feet from me.

This large, angry feral pig was nothing more than a big, black, filled-to-capacity trash bag made kinetic by the brewing storm.  Sometimes knowledge is power.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Sometimes, the monster in the closet… is just hiding from the feral pig on the street.