Anton’s Whim

People watching downtown – my favorite pastime.

This day proved no different while seated outside a coffee-house, indulging caffeine and nicotine addictions simultaneously and watching passersby.  A crisp and brilliant autumnal afternoon to take in the sights and sounds of Philadelphia.  That’s when I saw her, easily into her 70s walking with a light and agile step.

Her short, burnt-orange hair peeked out at the world from under a man’s leather 3-way cap. Her make-up was thickly applied, painfully bright and accented by large, tinkling earrings. Following this line I noted her black, fitted leather biker’s jacket that flowed to leather pants tucked into high-heeled ankle boots.

Attracted to all things shiny, my eye sharply returned to her left wrist where a loosely fitted diamond tennis bracelet sparkled in the afternoon sun. As I watched her flow down the block toward me I overheard her conversation and realized there was much more to her bracelet.

At the end of the glittering string was her companion and conversation partner, Anton.  She artfully dodged the kid on a skateboard and smiled at a baby in its stroller – all the while, deep in conversation with Anton, her miniature poodle sporting a classic French cut and identical leather gear.

They passed and I finished my coffee, then went about my duties as a good tourist, but that moment stayed with me for hours.  As slumber arrived on my doorstep late that evening, my last thoughts were of Anton; did he enjoy being a human’s fashion twin?  Did she selected a different outfit for any given day, or did she lay options on the floor each morning and let Anton paw at his favorite?

Perhaps I had it all backward and it was Anton’s whim being fulfilled.

Partners in crime… I can imagine the two of them chit-chatting as they take off their outdoor clothes when they get home.

Apropos the age of the woman and the makeup… do you have the phrase ‘mutton dressed like lamb’ ?

Poodle in Biker Jacket from Inventor Spot

Whatever makes people and their dogs happy! You’ve got me thinking — when I’m in my 70s, will someone be watching me from the sidelines noting my eccentric style? Will I have a dog? Will I be the subject of a blog post? If you’re writing it, that’s OK with me. 🙂

When we’re in our 70′s we’ll be seated at an outdoor table noting the eccentricities of the young around us and we’ll write about them together. 😀

Um, but actually. I had a friend once who had one of these little dogs and it LOVED being dressed up. It would get all sassy and play around with a different outfit on. They had hair clips and everything for it.

I’m sure you have some snaps of that doggie Vogue and I want to see them! 😀

I can’t get enough of you Maria. Now it’s a dog and fashion. I like the way you put your lines, it gives you a vivid picture of the situation.

I just write what I experience and some sightings are just too good to keep to myself; gotta share them. 😀

Dan you know either the dog or it’s owner would have been entertaining on their own but together it was mind blowing.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting and if we don’t speak again this week… Happy Turkey-Fest.

I appreciate the compliment and it’s heartwarming to read that you connect with my micro-stories. Enjoy Sunday! 😀

Haiku – Take Flight

Birds take flight above

Clouds transition, grey to pink

Slowly day subsides

Sunset over east austin October 2013

Lovely picture and very appropriate for this time of year.

We often see lots of birds migrating over the last month or so. Every year our house seems to be on the flight path of the geese and they make a lot of noise when they travel!

Birds in flight are wonderful. Filled with envy now.

Beautiful! I am so drawn to birds and to flight! It looks as though we share a source of inspiration!

Birds in flight are mesmerizing. I’m so envious of them – they make it look so easy!

I believe they can stand independently of each other (photo/text) but make a great combo.

I have a great time making them… maybe I’ll post some of the ones I created about my coworkers – those are “special” laugh

You know this post turned out to be a happy accident. While photographing the sunset, that flock swooped in.
Then when posting, I didn’t even consider the whole winter angle – it’s still humid, 80 degrees and all the trees are still green here.

Beautiful photo, Maria, and I sighed as it made me think of the proverbial birds flying south for the winter. As the weather is changing the bright colors always help to keep the faith that warm weather will return. Well, in 4-5 months 🙂

I was in the right place at the right time to get the birds in flight.
Living in a place that is far too hot for far too long, I rarely think of the winter migration – just enjoy watching them swoop and dive.
Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

I love that cotton candy sky! I’ll pretend the birds are heading somewhere warm (Key West?!) for the coming months…while we sit here and shiver;-)

I love watching birds in the morning on my way to school. I was never able to take such a good photo as you did though. Lovely!

They’re amazing acrobats and I envy them. They make it seem effortless. This shot came out well but I took 6 or 7 in succession and I used my phone = pure luck! Keep trying, you’ll get a good one. 😀

Love spotting huge flocks like that and keeping my eyes on them for as long as possible. The cohesiveness never fails to fascinate me.

Since my pocket camera is having issues, I’m exclusively using the Galaxy 3 , which takes better photos than the point and shoot. From what I gather, the biggest improvement from the 3 to 4 is the camera (and video). Either will have to work for the time being until ‘real cameras’ are acquired

If the flocks are you’re thing you gotta stop by some day – this happens every afternoon and I gotta say, it truly is an uplifting sight on my walk home from work.

Sounds like we’re birds of a feather where the “camera” is concerned.