alarm clock for heavy sleepers that doesn't wake partners

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates that doesn’t wake partner

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We hate him because he always rings too early, but if he forgot to ring, we would blame him even more. The ideal alarm clock should be reliable and if possible pleasant. It is with these criteria in mind that we embarked on our selection.

How to choose your alarm clock in the current plethora of offers? First, by evaluating the ease of use, which is essential when the neurons are not yet connected. The volume is also important. Being able to adjust it is essential, especially if you don’t sleep alone. More broadly, the quality of sound reproduction is a sensitive subject. It is also difficult to make a selection that is unanimous on this point … The subject is tense, it is not a surprise.

Loud Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates 2020

Every morning, it’s the same ritual. Your first alarm goes off at 7 a.m. sharp. A firm blow of the hand on the “off” or “snooze” key (snooze alarm) and he goes back to sleep. And you with it. Then sounds the second alarm clock, precisely set 30 minutes later whose alarm is fought with the same fervor.

As a result, it takes you an hour to get out of bed and skip breakfast to arrive yawning at the office.

People who recognize themselves in this situation and are finally looking for a way to break this hellish routine can fall back on these alarm clocks for heavy sleepers with roommates.

Sonic Bomb, by Sonic Alert: for the tough guys

If the light effects, the radio or your favorite song are not enough to wake you from sleep, if you are the type who sleeps despite work next door … This alarm clock is ideal for you! The Sonic Alert is not a design model but that is not the point. Ringer tone and volume are adjustable, like LED display. Please note, this is not a toy, the siren is very powerful even at its lowest level. The alarm clock is accompanied by a vibrating cushion to be installed under the pillow. And if that is still not enough, it is possible to accompany the siren and the vibrator with a very powerful light flash, if with that you are not up in the moment …

Philips 3531/01: progressive light

The deal offered by the Philips 3531/01 is simple. The device is there to accompany you in your sleep and to wake you up gently in the morning. How? ‘Or’ What ? With twenty progressive levels of brightness to help you leave in the arms of Morpheus and come out with peace of mind. And if that’s not enough for you, Dawn Simulator offers a range of natural sounds and FM radio. The device can also charge your tablet or smartphone and consumes very little when in standby (2W). A night light function has been added on this model. Small flat, it keeps only one station in memory.

USCCE Digital Alarm Clock

Here no new technologies, but a basic tool, very easy to use and very reliable. A sober but nice and colorful design, 20 memorizable FM stations, snooze, sleep and nap functions… The little extra? “Possibility of programming 2 alarms (each one in radio or ring function) which is exceptional for a wake-up call of this budget! “Exclaims Sébastien on Amazon. The device, small in size, also offers the possibility of adjusting the brightness of its LED display, complete and inexpensive!

REMI, from UrbanHello: awakens anyone

The French start-up UrbanHello was awarded at CES 2017, the high mass of new technologies in Las Vegas, for its connected alarm clock for children REMI. A simple and rounded shape, bright colors and an expressive face make him immediately very likeable. Besides its alarm clock side, REMI also serves as a night light, connected speaker or baby monitor so that the little ones can communicate with their parents. His eyes, open or closed, indicate when the child should lie down, get up or stay under the duvet. The Bluetooth connection also allows parents to wake up their little ones with their favorite music …

HyperAlarm – The smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers

HyperAlarm is the first smart alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Invented by the Think Big Factory, this connected alarm clock could well revolutionize the lives of some!

HyperAlarm is for you if you have trouble getting up in the morning and therefore starting your day. Connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, the only way to stop it ringing is to get up, grab it and leave your room.

HyperAlarm smart alarm clock

To use it, all you have to do is download its companion application for iPhone and Android, configure it and activate Hypermode before going to bed. Believe me, you can’t ignore this awakening! Moreover, so as not to get used to the sound of the alarm clock, other sounds are offered with each software update. In addition, to be sure that your smart alarm clock has battery, a message warns you whether it needs to be recharged when Hypermode is activated. Finally, it is also compatible with Applewatch and Pebble smartwatches.

HyperAlarm smart alarm clock

If this alarm clock interests you, you can buy it on Indiegogo from 99 $. If you doubt that this alarm clock succeeds in waking you up, I suggest you discover it in video. I am sure that after watching this video you will have no doubts. 

Kello: the morning alarm clock for heavy sleepers

You might be reading this article when you wake up with your eyes still closed and your steaming cup of coffee by your side. Know that you can now wake up in better shape just by going to bed in a different way.


Kello is a connected and intelligent alarm clock. As well as taking care of your alarm clock, it will be there at bedtime, taking care of turning off the lights at a set time to improve your sleep cycle.

Lights off, so you will be sleepy sooner. And that’s when Kello wakes you up to your favorite music that you’ll feel the difference.


If you are a big fan of the “snooze” button, here is a little game you should like. The device will only allow you to switch it on maximum 3 times a week. A bit like lives in video games, it’s up to you to make good use of them

Add to that the ability to turn off the lights from your bed, and this little bedside companion becomes a real essential accessory. You can support Kello’s Kickstarter campaign and pre-order your copy for $ 99. This could be a best gifts for traveling businessman who are struggling lot with their sleeping schedule.

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers that doesn’t wake partner

You have a hard time waking up in the morning and you are the type who always asks for 5 more minutes from your clock radio or smartphone when he starts screaming in your ears while your eyes are struggling to open ? Rest assured, technology today allows you to fight against yourselves through torture.

Here is a small selection of applications that will force you to get out of bed at the time you decide on the night before, and not at the time you ultimately prefer in the morning.


Available on Android (and under the same name and concept on iOS, but in a different version), Walk Me Up never stops ringing until you get out of bed and walk around enough to be awake enough. and have the strength to fight against the desire to find the pillow. The app uses your smartphone’s motion sensors to know you are walking and count the number of steps. You can set the number of steps required before the phone goes silent,


While your body is barely waking up, Puzzle Alarm Clock is already testing your head. The application offers small intellectual challenges early in the morning, with math questions to solve, memory games, or puzzles. Until you get the right answers, the alarm goes on ringing.

It is possible to determine three levels of difficulty, and to define several wake-up times depending on the day of the week. The application also offers additional features such as the ability to send an SMS to someone if you do not turn off your alarm clock (like if you die while you sleep), or to force you to scan a QR Code to turn off the alarm clock. ‘alarm.



In the same vein, I Can’t Wake Up! offers eight types of exercises that you need to do to make your phone understand that you are wide awake, and not ready to go to bed. If you’re a morning person but you don’t want to get up and go for your exercise class then that’s because of your mind body shaming yourself, to stop that you can wear comfortable dress in gym, yoga class, or even wear a best swimsuit to hide tummy bulge and help your body stay awake. You can configure the application to submit you to math, memory, sorting, repeating a sequence presented on the screen, rewriting a random text, etc. The application can also force the scan of a bar code or request that the smartphone be shaken vigorously before the music or the weapon finally turns off.

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