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10 Best Swim Trunks for Surfing Men 2021

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Best Swim Trunks for Surfing: You are planning your summer vacation and you are still missing the perfect swimming trunks for surfing? 2021 brings some new trends with it. There is guaranteed to be a suitable model for every man. See our seven favorite swim trunks for surfing in beach.

Long, short, close-fitting or do you prefer wide? The choice of swimwear for men is unlimited. There are also new trends in color this year. We’ll show you what’s hot this summer. If you’re looking for hiding your fats inside the shorts then read this best swimsuits to hide tummy bulge article.

Top 10 Best Swim Trunks for Surfing 2021

1. The classic Swim trunks for surfing

The “Performance” swim shorts by Adidas are an absolute classic. Since the trend this year is towards shorter shorts, their length is optimal. It is equipped with an inner net so that nothing slips further down. At the same time, it is very airy, which reduces sweating. Due to the sporty look, the shorts can also be worn for sports. The trend color this year: blue. These swim trunks for surfers are available on in a total of six different colors.

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2. The simple stretch swimming trunks

The stretch panty is very popular this summer. The tight-fitting swimming trunks exude a good pinch of retro charm. With its drawstring on the waistband and short legs, it is particularly suitable for sporty types who want to emphasize their bodies. The black look looks simple, while the print on the side gives it a special touch. You can’t go wrong with this model.Order the best swim trunks for surfers at

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3. The conspicuous one

The more eye-catching version of the stretch swimming trunks is suitable for men who like to stand out on the beach and want to show what they have. The plaid pattern is particularly popular in 2017. The inner cord ensures a good hold so that nothing slips. The Buffalo model is currently available at AboutYou.AboutYou Buy plaid swimming trunks

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4. The beach slip

The trend this year is not only called “short”, but even “very short”! The tight swimwear is very popular this year. Again, blue is definitely the hip color. The only catch: the cut hides absolutely no fat deposits. So this model is only something for well-trained pants wearers.Amazon Buy the beach slip on Amazon

5. The classic board shorts

The casual, longer version of the boardshorts has a lace fastener and an inner mesh. The side pockets offer a little storage space – an advantage if you need a place for your cell phone and house key when you are out for a walk on the beach. The board shorts are particularly suitable for tall men because they visually compress the legs.

6. The beach shorts

If you don’t have enough money for a beach holiday this year, you can bring the beach to you: with the beach board shorts. It is for more conspicuous types who are fed up with gray or black tones. The model is currently available on Amazon in nine different colors.Amazon Buy the beach shorts on Amazon

7. The real eye-catcher

The eye-catcher on every beach: the Lederhosen swimming trunks. At first glance, the pants look like they are made of real leather. The brown buttons and the white embroidery embellishments complete the look. This hearty model has been very popular in recent years and will be a highlight again this summer. The casual traditional trousers are currently available on Amazon.


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